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Crush me like orange peel Smear me all over your body Rub me into your pores And allow my fragrance to Erase all of your frown lines © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.

Oh Morpheus, Morpheus lull me to sleep That I may dream myself anew I long to sail on an Olive ship Heading for that sacred place Where the ocean turns to stars. Cursed with a mischievous handkerchief My personal Voldemort This heart beats with such bitter anguish The price of exclusivity, my Odette, You’re the apple of this one eyed sap. Those blood red petals staring down Reveal betrayal on the battlefield… Read More

Hunt down your limitations Go through them Surrender them Experience them Put space around your beliefs Move beyond personal thresholds Breathe in new frontiers Find inner spaciousness © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved

Just ones and zeroes Love your neighbour as yourself Affiliated   © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.

Not you plus me, but… We who are more than ourselves In togetherness © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.  

Ravishing nature Her soul-centric orgasm Wild murmurations © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.  

Do you savour my touch As the sand does when The tide caresses the beach? Do you feel beautiful as I cup your pomegranate cheeks While I kiss your brow? Do you feel loved Despite my lack of words And the frozen tundra between us? © Bluecusp Creative 2017 – All rights reserved.