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Nervously entering the waters of deathThis liminal space, before fully immersingInto realms unknown, unbreathed, unlivedI dare not look back While Ganga beckons and palm trees bowThe cool breeze hovers above Ripples of my presence, disrupted, dismembered, dis-easedI dare not look back Rising tides ebb and flowWith each step I wade further onDeeper into mysteries unknown, unheard, unfeltI dare not look back Standing waist high fingertips restWhere the sky meets the seaIn a… Read More

A game of infinite mirrors Path of the twisted hair Leading us through a portal Where two hearts can repair The key of David was forged in your soul From the fires of his heart It unlocked that golden doorway To a love that can never part © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.

Transmitter of light Receiver of consciousness Learn to swim its stream © Bluecusp Creative – All rights reserved 2018.