Observing the world
We silent types absorb much
Solitude brings rest


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A Wrinkle in Time

The wrinkles in my furrowed brow
Echo the unmade bed where we once lay
Squeezing into each others nooks and crannies
A brief history of time etched into the
Corners of my eyes
From which I remorsefully rub away
The grains of sand deposited
By the tears of my memories.


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Hunt down your limitations
Go through them
Surrender them
Experience them
Put space around your beliefs
Move beyond personal thresholds
Breathe in new frontiers
Find inner spaciousness


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γνώθι σαυτόν

I am Vincent Van Gogh
I am Gandhi
I am a revolutionary
I am Claude Debussy
I am Charlie Chaplin
I am Leonardo da Vinci
I am Albert Einstein
I am shamanic
I am Mother Theresa
I am Che Guevara
I am Joan of Arc
I am Teresa d’Avila
I am Leo Tolstoy
I am William Blake
I am Aphrodite
I am Jesus the Christ
I am Buddha
I am Radha
I am Valkyrie
I am elemental
I am my own mother and father
I am that I am
I am eternal
Because I am love

…and love is the inspiration of all that is…


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Separation, ordeal, return
Journey into the sea of despair

You’ve always been somebody
The medicine is inside

All the wisdom abides within
Awaken the cosmological shift

What is this dream of my life?
Who is it that longs for you?

Practice the necessary rituals
Re-imagine your ceremonial gifts

Your religion will never hold water
Against the currents of your soul


© Bluecusp Creative 2017 – All rights reserved.