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Oh Morpheus, Morpheus lull me to sleep That I may dream myself anew I long to sail on an Olive ship Heading for that sacred place Where the ocean turns to stars. Cursed with a mischievous handkerchief My personal Voldemort This heart beats with such bitter anguish The price of exclusivity, my Odette, You’re the apple of this one eyed sap. Those blood red petals staring down Reveal betrayal on the battlefield… Read More

If I could come home Would you find me beautiful? Anya, wait for me © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.

I have chosen thee You help free my reckless gods That holy moment © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.

Am I your Goddess? Find Aphrodite within She’s my holy grail Who is Innana? An avatar of Venus? I must find out soon All of these lost men Who cannot access goddess They abuse their strength Divine feminine Mind Alchemy with the gods Seek passion inside © Bluecusp Creative 2017 – All rights reserved.