Like lead into gold
Face your demons with courage
Turn pain into bliss


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γνώθι σαυτόν

I am Vincent Van Gogh
I am Gandhi
I am a revolutionary
I am Claude Debussy
I am Charlie Chaplin
I am Leonardo da Vinci
I am Albert Einstein
I am shamanic
I am Mother Theresa
I am Che Guevara
I am Joan of Arc
I am Teresa d’Avila
I am Leo Tolstoy
I am William Blake
I am Aphrodite
I am Jesus the Christ
I am Buddha
I am Radha
I am Valkyrie
I am elemental
I am my own mother and father
I am that I am
I am eternal
Because I am love

…and love is the inspiration of all that is…


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Pressure cookers swoosh
In a need to let off steam
Learning to let go

Letting Go

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