Bluecusp Creative


This sensitive soul Tends to over-analyze Time to lick my wounds © Bluecusp Creative – All rights reserved.  

Observing the world We silent types absorb much Solitude brings rest © Bluecusp Creative – All rights reserved 2018.

I’m not high, It’s just The real me being reborn Each day, a new sun. © Bluecusp Creative – All rights reserved 2018.  

Stop thinking. Observe Everything reveals itself Awaken your soul  

Open ancient dimensions Spaciousness within emptiness Recalibrate the mind Bridging synapses of Compassion and gratitude Cultivate inner peace Harmony of opposites Release harbored tensions Focus the pain Breathe its presence Exhale mental suffering Disband fearful limitations Free to wander The wild plains Souls true home © Bluecusp Creative 2018 – All rights reserved.

Separation, ordeal, return Journey into the sea of despair You’ve always been somebody The medicine is inside All the wisdom abides within Awaken the cosmological shift What is this dream of my life? Who is it that longs for you? Practice the necessary rituals Re-imagine your ceremonial gifts Your religion will never hold water Against the currents of your soul © Bluecusp Creative 2017 – All rights reserved.

I stand at the door and knock Why not let me in? Am I not your family? I ask for nothing Other than your acceptance I should just let go © Bluecusp Creative 2017 – All rights reserved.