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My muse, my twin flameSilently the hot wax meltsWatching love expire © Bluecusp Creative 2019 – All rights reserved.

I am Vincent Van Gogh I am Gandhi I am a revolutionary I am Claude Debussy I am Charlie Chaplin I am Leonardo da Vinci I am Albert Einstein I am shamanic I am Mother Theresa I am Che Guevara I am Joan of Arc I am Teresa d’Avila I am Leo Tolstoy I am William Blake I am Aphrodite I am Jesus the Christ I am Buddha I am Radha I… Read More

Am I your Goddess? Find Aphrodite within She’s my holy grail Who is Innana? An avatar of Venus? I must find out soon All of these lost men Who cannot access goddess They abuse their strength Divine feminine Mind Alchemy with the gods Seek passion inside © Bluecusp Creative 2017 – All rights reserved.